6 Ways to Prepare For Baby #2!

Baby #2 is on his way, huh? Here are some things that can make things easier — from one mom of multiples, to another!

1.Double check your baby-proofing!

-You’ve had your firstborn for some time now. He’s likely a toddler now and it’s going to be a lot harder to keep an eye on him when you’re trying to feed your baby. Give yourself some peace of mind where you can, right? Outlet plugs, cabinet locks, and knob covers — OH MY!

2. Try potty-training!

– Of course, your little one might not be ready for potty-training, but give it a shot anyway. She might actually get excited about it! I mean, who wants two kids in diapers anyway?

Now, if you’ve got a kid as big as our boy, Tank, then a regular potty seat isn’t gonna cut it. You need something a little more…sturdy. For us, the Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix was the way to go.

3. Get your toddler in a toddler bed!

-Again, assuming your firstborn is a toddler and able to crawl in and out of bed, get him into a toddler bed. There is a lot of change that’s going to happen for your little guy and trying to move him into a toddler bed amidst all the new-baby change might not be so easy. If you’re afraid of your little one falling out of bed, get some bed rails! We used Dex Universal Safe Sleeper Bed Rails.

4. Buy a double stroller that accepts at least one carseat.

This doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Sure, you could go off and get one of those stylish, European-looking strollers for $500 – $2500 dollars. Or, you can stick to something like Graco. We used the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller. It accepts 2 carseats — though we only needed one — and when baby is a bit older, you can still keep her facing you without a carseat. The stroller has everything. Cup holders, a huge basket for a baby bag and toys and whatever else you take with you. It’s also super comfy for baby, and she’ll love being able to play with you as you go!

 5. Find a portable “napper.”

When I say “napper,” I mean a little bed that is easy to move and can be kept high from toddler. We used the Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper. My goodness…this thing was a lifesaver. My babies were larger than most and using a typical bouncer wasn’t always ideal. My littles needed to lie flat, as if they were in their crib. When I’d be cooking, Tank (our now 4 year old) would be running, jumping, climbing — doing what little kids did. It was easier to keep the baby within eyesight and I decided a napper would be best for us. We could put it high and away from Big Crazy Brother and I could keep an eye on them both, without worrying about him getting into her room and bugging her.

6. Get a sound machine.

The most frustrating thing about toddlers is that they can’t control their volume. When there is a baby trying to sleep, it’s even worse. The stress and anxiety that comes with just trying to keep the house quiet enough for baby to sleep is a lot worse than you probably expect. BUT, there is hope! Our help came in the form of the Marpac Dohm-SS Single Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine!

Put it in the room as baby falls asleep, and she shouldn’t hear a peep from the other rooms! Unless, of course, someone is shrieking like a  banshee.

Marpac Dohm Sound Machine

There is always more, but these are the top items I found the most useful when the 2nd little one was coming along — and I’ve had several more and reused every one of these things.

As parents, we want to find the best way to raise our kids with as much care and attention as we can muster, and anything that helps is worth the money. Luckily, not everything here is too pricey, and there are always less expensive options with the same idea.

Moms, Dads — do what needs to be done. Make your lives easier where you can. Either way, you got this.

14292365_125245531263962_3218450708591990267_nDiana, AKA the Goblin Queen, is a fantasy children’s author, lifestyle blogger, and mother to nine kids. Connect on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with Goblin Queen’s shenanigans!


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