3 All Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

Chemicals are in everything these days and science tells us that’s not good for our health. SCIENCE. Not only are these things flammable – which is never a plus – they’re toxic and can lead to all sorts of health problems. Problems range from causing miscarriage in pregnant women, to environmental issues, and here we are, spending money on all that.


“But I want my home to be clean.”Oh, really, now? Don’t we all? Gee golly, how ever did people manage centuries ago without Windex?
There are many useful, everyday, natural products we can use to keep our homes clean and healthy! And so many are surprising.

1. Vinegar.

Distilled vinegar has a high level of acidity, making it a popular choice for household cleaning. It can kill most germs, bacteria and even mold!
There is a website called http://www.vinegartips.com where they have a huge list of all the wonderful things vinegar can do for your home! This equals less money and healthier living. What’s there to lose? A few of its uses are:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting baby toys
  • Removing water rings from wood
  • Removing paint from windows
  • Cleaning up pet accidents
  • Deodorizing toilet bowls
  • Removing grime, mildew, scum as well as labels and price tags
  • And so many more! (click here to go to the page with correct water vs vinegar ratio for each job)

2. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is another pretty well-known cleaner, deodorizer and baking aide. It’s like everything great in one little, orange box!
With baking soda, you can:

  • Clean tarnished silver – put 1 liter of water, 1 tbsp of baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil together into a pot and bring to a boil. Place your silver inside for ten seconds and remove. SHINY!
  • Clean the dishwasher – sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda to the bottom of your dishwasher and run a short but HOT cycle. VOILA! Fresh, clean, unstained machine!
  • Even wash your face with it! – Mix 2 teaspoons on baking soda with 1 teaspoon warm water. In gentle, circular motion, rub onto your face then rinse with warm water. That’s it!

3. Lemon


Lemon is a mild but highly effective cleaning agent due to its low pH and antibacterial properties – and the smell’s not all that bad, either! As one of the most natural things you can possibly use to clean, why is it that more people don’t put this miracle fruit to work? Here are a few things lemon – and lemon juice – can be used for:

  • Clean grout – squeeze the juice on there and brush away with a toothbrush
  • Scrubbing grills/grates with lemon juice and salt for a fresh shine!
  • Sanitize your garbage disposal with hot water and half a cup of lemon juice
  • Remove stains and germs from cutting boards – rub the juice (using the lemon) into the cutting board and let sit until the stains disappear
  • Clean hard water stains on shower doors and faucets with half a lemon
  • Grease stains in clothing – rub spot with a lemon and let sit overnight before washing like normal

Now that you know, go experiment. When you see what can actually be done with the stuff that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you’ll start rethinking your approach to a clean house!

Happy homing!
-Goblin Queen

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