The Wonders of Bone Broth!

Bone broth! Mmm mm mmmmm! Don’t it sound tasty? What wouldn’t be tasty about a soup stock boiling some good ‘ol fashioned chicken for five or eight or 24 hours?

Ok, so it sounds kind of funky, but it is gaining some major attention and being dubbed a super-food. Why? Where do I begin?

You know how grandma was always making you to eat chicken soup when you got a cold? Well, she was on to something there. But we’re not talking about the sodium-filled soups that come in a can. No, we’re talkin’ some honest to goodness, homemade chicken soup that’s simmering some warmth straight into your home.

If every household would have some bone broth on hand to use in cooking or to take in just like a soup, there wouldn’t be so much illness going around. This broth has been proven to fight anything from the common cold to auto-immune diseases right alongside cancer! And guess what, it doesn’t taste bad so your goblins will be more than willing to take it in.

Now, it’s important to know what in the world bone broth is in the first place!

Bone broth is a mineral-rich broth made with healthy animal bones and organic vegetables, herbs and spices. Also known as a stock. The main difference between regular broth and “bone broth” is the cooking of the bones and veggies anywhere from 5 to 24 hours! (the longer, the better!) The time spent simmering infuses the soup with calcium (for healthy bones and joints), magnesium (bones again and teeth), phosphorus(digestion, protein formation, cellular repair) and collagen! Reduced appearance of cellulite, anyone?

Amino acids are also included in the list of goodies that come with this soup! These amino acids can help level your blood sugar levels, reduce stress and anxiety levels. There is so much more but, can you see where I’m going with this?

Healthy food, healthy brood, I always say!

It’s important to know that the bones used in bone broth need to be bones from healthy, pasture-raised animals. No hormones, no antibiotics, no junk like that, otherwise, you’ll infuse the toxins into the broth as well and that’ll be a help to no one.

Now, let’s get cookin’!
Since there are so many different ways to make this soup, I will share the five hour recipe my mom gave me.
This makes about 12 servings.

Whole Organic Chicken, Skinned & fat trimmed off 
5 fresh Rosemary twigs tied with twine
1/2 bunch organic parsley tied with twine
1 med organic onion quartered 
6 org. celery stalks cut in large pieces
4 org. carrots cut in large pieces
4 whole garlic cloves
1 org red bell pepper quartered
(ALL the herbs and vegetables will be discarded when broth is done. That
is the reason for leaving in big pieces)
Celtic Sea, EC, Salt & cracked pepper to taste.
Put all the above in a large stock pot and fill with cold water about 4 inches 
from top of pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 4 hrs with lid slightly askew,
leaving about an inch for steam to escape.
Let cool for about an hour then remove the chicken and put in a bowl then
discard ALL other ingredients.
While it’s cooling, cut up a variety of vegetables ….. However, avoid potatoes,
corn, pasta and rice as they turn to sugar in the body.
1/2 bunch parsley chopped
1 medium onion chopped in small pieces
6 celery stalks, cut in bite size 
2 zucchini cut bite size
1 each yellow & red bell pepper
1 bunch spinach or kale, chopped
Your favorite organic herbs.
Put all your vegetables in the broth. Simmer vegetables until they
are tender, then add the chicken you cut up into bite size peices during
the last 5 min.
Enjoy! And keep in mind that this broth is NEVER, EVER TO BE MICROWAVED.
-Goblin Queen

Beat Viruses With Essential Oils

(This is not paid advertising. All opinions on all products are my own)

Winter is coming…

Ok, yeah, fall is coming first, but how can I resist a Game of Thrones reference?

With fall, comes flu and with the goblins all in school, the castle is bound to fall under siege of viruses. As a mom of multiples, I know anxiety well and how bad it gets when the seasons are a’changin.

But guess what! There are ways to make it easier on you!

My mind goes back to a year ago when one of our younger goblins was quite sick for two weeks. She was coughing – mostly in the night – and severely congested. She snored like her Grandpa and was a major mouth-breather, even when elevated. At that time, I was quick to turn to essential oil because she was just a 1 year old and medicines in such a tiny body aren’t always the best answer. I will admit that I have not depended on them alone, though.

After years of experience with viruses — *ahem* I do have multiple goblins — I learned that you can want to be as natural as possible but when it comes down to it, you will use what works. For mine? Essential oils have worked and worked even better when used alongside Hyland’s homeopathic remedies.
I tried the Nighttime Tiny Cold Syrup, but my kids are one of those rare types that get hyper instead of tired when given anything with a “sleep aid” in it. The Complete Cold ‘n Flu was what worked best for her. She would calm down, and her coughs would lessen within a few minutes of giving her the syrup. Sometimes, she’d have a coughing spell just after administering it but afterwards, she’d be fine for a few hours.

Back to the oils, though. I placed about 13 drops of tea tree oil and 16 or so drops of Oreganol in one of our cold mist humidifiers. (we use the Crane Drop Shape ultrasonic humidifier and I haven’t had any issues with it yet when using essential oils.

I also made a salve to rub onto Gobliness’s chest (and on her feet once she was fast asleep because she hates the goopy feeling between her toes).


I blended:
5 drops of Thieves (I use Young Living oils)
4 drops of peppermint
4 drops of lavender
4 drops of lemon
1.5 tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Ok, so there may be some moms about to jump on me for using too much essential oils to the coconut oil ratio but I am telling you, this baby girl’s congestion was bad and this blend helped. There was no sign of it burning or irritating her skin.

The virus hung out for about a week but these remedies did help to ease the frustration for baby and for mama. I could feel less guilty for going as natural as I could for her and confident that I didn’t just attack her little body with chemicals. Yes, I know it’s possible to go even more natural but you know what, this is what helped my baby and if this is going to keep her from getting worse and feeling pooped all day, I’ll continue doing it this way.

We all want what’s best for our little boogers. And, mama-to-mama, I want what’s best for your baby, too!

Maybe you have some advice for me! I’m learning every day — as we all are — and I’m looking for even more natural remedies to help out the little ones.
If you  do have something, comment below! I look forward to hearing from you.

-Goblin Queen

Country Berry Cake

I woke up uber cranky today. For some reason, coffee wouldn’t do it for me. The goblins have been crazy since they woke up, doing crazy things, climbing things, calling me “Mom” and what have you. You’d think a morning of coffee and The Walking Dead would be a good foundation for a calm, collected woman but, alas, the goblins had their diabolical plans instead.

So, what to do when your calm is taken and thrust into the chasm of “parenthood?” You turn on some Dan Gibson’s Lakeside Retreat and stomp all angry-like to the pantry to toss all baking supplies onto the table, of course!

I have a bag of frozen berries. Well, had. I decided I wanted to have some berry cake today and I wanted it to be sweet and good with my coming second cup of coffee. This is an experiment and I’m letting you all in on it. So, if it doesn’t work out, you can all laugh at me. I’m going to call this my “Country Berry Cake” – because everything with the word “country” in it has to be good and has to work out, right?

Here are the materials from my pantry:

2 cups of flour
A tidbit less than a tablespoon of baking power
A teaspoon of salt
A tidbit less than a cup of sugar
Almost a 12 oz bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries (maybe 10oz)

Half a half a cup of butter (4 tablespoons)
2 eggs
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
3/4 of a cup of milk
1/4 of a cup of grapeseed oil because “health”

I preheated the oven to 350 F because it seems like a good number.

I sifted the dry ingredients and added the wet, milk and butter at the same time to be specific. Then the eggs and vanilla. When the batter was nice and smooth, I folded in the berries then poured it all into a 9 x 13 baking pan. I had to spread out the berries as the blueberries are like fish and they school together. (yes, bad visual for cake but take it, people. I’m cranky, remember?)

At this point, it looked like this:

I’m hopeful.

I placed it into the oven for about 30 minutes then impaled it with a toothpick to see if the innards are still wet or dry. (in real world terms, I poked it with a toothpick.) Sadly, it was still very, very wet and gutsy so I waited longer. About 45 minutes to be exact.)

And then it looked like this:
(yes, I lost my sense of patience and cut into it and ate before taking the picture. Excuse: You can see the “texture” here.)
Honestly, the cake is heavenly. Crumbly and soft and perfect for coffee.
Try it. Let the country gal out.
-Goblin Queen

September Nerd Box Giveaway!

Hey, all! We have our September giveaway ready for you all! All you have to do it go to our youtube page, subscribe to our channel and comment on this video!

Last month’s winner was Julianne Tomczak!

congratulations-png-6On another note, we have a new video up that touches more seriously on WHY GOBLIN HORDE? Just in case you were confused about our awesomeness to come.


Thanks for hanging around!